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10/0 Czech Transparent Seed Bead - preferred for beadwork by American Indians for uniformity of size, shape and wide color range. Seed beads made in the Czech Republic have been in use since the early 20th century. Most beads offered at Supernaw's are strung beads rather than loose, they are better quality, easier to use and have fewer culls.

Be sure to order enough beads for your background color to match as dye lots often vary slightly in hue and may not match exactly. Color variations are less noticeable in designs than in backgrounds. Sometimes beads are slightly off-size; however, this is unavoidable due to the manufacturing process. Prices listed are single hanks..

Hanks contain 20 feet of beads divided into 24 strings, 2 strings = 1 loop and each string is 10" long.

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